Our members decide on an annual theme based on current events, community needs and aspirations, and learnings from panels hosted by the API RISE Fund. The events, held throughout the year, are a way to hear the voices of grassroots leaders and advocates doing amazing work to keep our communities thriving. 

We support emerging API leaders by focusing on our priority areas of gathering useful and disaggregated API data and building organizational capacity. 

Process & Decisions

Once the proposals have been received, they are shared with our members who will vote for the project they would like to see funded. The projects with the most votes will be awarded. Any RISER that is employed by or on the board of any organization that is eligible for a grant must recuse themselves from voting. 


Continuous learning about philanthropy and the API communities in the Sacramento region is one of the most dynamic activities of our giving circle. We host events throughout the year so that we can learn from one another, as well as have fun, eat good food, and socialize.