Why join us?


  1. Pool resources to make a positive impact in the API communities. Your contributions of dollars, time, and talent are pooled in a fund or "giving circle." These contributions are leveraged with other donor funds to make larger gifts to the most under-served communities.
  2. Grow philanthropic resources for the API communities. Raise money for causes in the vast API communities that are overlooked by mainstream and traditional sources of funding. Giving circles have the potential to build partnerships and leverage resources to bring additional visibility to needs on the ground. 
  3. Learn with your peers to give better. Through thoughtful discussions on philanthropy and issues that matter to the API communities, you can learn how your dollars are making an impact. Our briefings bring together experts, philanthropists, and activists to explore current issues and innovative approaches rooted in the community.  
  4. Create a sense of community to promote democratic and grassroots philanthropy. Meet like-minded peers interested in growing API philanthropy and empowering the next generation of API civic leaders. Network over shared values and a common goal of advancing equity for API communities. Every member has an opportunity to vote for your favorite project idea. 
  5. Have fun, talk story, and share a meal. We meet-up occasionally to strategize and socialize, always over good food and fun times. We keep our engagement and processes simple, recognizing that we have many commitments. We find it important for our giving circle to be less work and more fun. 

How does the giving circle work? 

The concept is as simple as it is powerful. A giving circle is formed when individuals come together and pool their dollars, decide together where to give the money (and other resources such as volunteer time), and learn together about their community and philanthropy. (Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, More Giving Together)

The APIs RISE Fund is managed by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, which is known for its financial strength and sound investment strategies. For 35 years, the Foundation has worked with philanthropic people in the capital area to support their charitable giving. Please learn more about the Foundation on its website.

Giving circles engage with the community to raise awareness of the needs and issues they face. Because of this unique approach, giving circles often have a larger collective impact than would be achieved by individuals alone. - Asian American and Pacific Islander in Philanthropy 

Ready to be a RISER?


Donate on the Sacramento Region Community Foundation's online donation portal. Designate "APIs Rise" on your donation. Or send a check to the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, APIs RISE Fund, 955 University Avenue, Ste. A, Sacramento, CA 95825.

Sign up for our newsletter and announcements or let us know you want to join us and volunteer! 

You can also simply connect with us at info@apisrise.org.  

As APIs we have a long tradition of giving. We give to our families and extended family through remittances. We give to our churches and temples. We give time and treasure to our language and culture schools. We give to our family associations and social organizations. Giving and being a part of a community is linked to our culture and values.
— May O. Lee, Founder, Asian Resources